Bluesy, Old School
"Close to AC/DC or Rose Tatoo, "Rock'n'roll History" is an excellent, unpretentious Hard Rock album, but efficient."
LOLOCELTIC (31.03.2020)  
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In 2011, after the release of the excellent "Jail", Sideburn exploded for reasons that seemed beyond the musical realm. The string section left to form Backwater with singer Marc Vermot and drummer Chris Bardet and released a first eponymous opus in 2015. At the dawn of their new release, the formation is marked by two changes. Boris (guitar), who had left Sideburn with them, has been replaced by Stéphane Montbaron and the drummer's position is now held by Thierry Wetzel.

However, these upheavals do not seem to have profoundly altered the identity of the Lausanne quintet. We are still here in a hard rock with a strong Australian identity. For this "Rock'n'Roll History", our Swiss friends wanted to record in live conditions in the studios of the Fonderie in Fribourg, thus giving a more vintage and authentic aspect to their music which was already not lacking in it. The shadow of AC/DC still hovers over tracks such as the groovy 'Sweet Little Passion', or on 'I Just Want Love' or 'Rock'n'Roll History', which offer virile backing vocals as well as bass lines, sparkling solos or catchy choruses straight out of the mould forged by the Young brothers' gang over 40 years ago.

But even if 'Overdrive' or 'Ride Down' dig the same furrow with less interest, Backwater knows how to vary the pleasures. Still coming from Australia, there are some touches that furiously remind us of Rose Tattoo with a great deal of slide and an angry punk energy ('Shine For Me', 'Rosie Got A Gun'). 'Welcome To My World' gets a little more ambitious by alternating reptilian verses revolving around their prey before spitting out the venom of an explosive chorus. The shadow of Creedance Clearwater Revival is not far away, nor is the shadow of Status Quo on the old school boogie of 'Pictures On The Wall'. Finally, the mid-tempo anthem 'Rockin' Style', the ballad 'Angel Of Devil' and the new boogie 'Whiskey In The Jar', which is not a cover of Thin Lizzy's hit, all come from the South of the United States.

All this makes for an excellent, unpretentious album, but efficient. The only real weakness comes from Marc Vermot's vocals which often lacks depth and emotion. The singer sometimes shows his limits when it comes to pushing a little power. While waiting for Sideburn's next album, which hasn't offered anything since "#Eight" in 2017, there is here a lot of Hard Rock that smells overheated asphalt and adulterated alcohol. 
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01. Jack The Ripper - 4:40
02. Sweet Little Passion - 3:51
03. Shine For Me - 3:20
04. Rockin' Style - 4:21
05. I Just Want Love - 4:27
06. Welcome To My World - 4:37
07. Rock'n' Roll History - 3:56
08. Rosie Got A Gun - 4:10
09. Angel Of Devil - 5:36
10. Overdrive - 3:01
11. Pictures On The Wall - 3:15
12. Ride Down - 3:05
13. Whiskey In The Jar - 3:07

Fred Gudit: Guitares
Marc Vermot: Chant
Michel Demierre: Basse
Stéphane Monbaron: Guitares
Thierry Wetzel: Batterie
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