Bluesy, Old School, Southern
""Hara" is an dynamic blend of seventies blues-rock and psychedelic stoner. To be reserved for those who are not afraid of sweat and dust."
PROGRACER (07.10.2020)  
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If the name Dätcha Mandala is not unknown to you, it is certainly because this young band from Aquitaine opened for the Insus in 2017 at the Stade de France, just a few weeks before the release of their first album in October of the same year. But you might as well know their name thanks to the talent that the young trio has repeatedly displayed on stages in the southwest and elsewhere.

The music of the Dätcha Mandala oscillates between stoner, blues-rock and psychedelic rock and the 2020 livery is in the same lineage. Stick It Out', 'Mother God' and 'Who You Are' open the album in a stoner vein for the first one and with blues-rock riffs reminiscent of Led Zeppelin for the following ones on which the slide guitar and the harmonica finish to plunge you in the heart of the seventies.

The harmonica is once again in the spotlight on 'Missing Blues' on a background of Cajun blues smelling the Louisiana bayou. Nicolas Sauvey's sometimes nasal vocals are muffled as if they were passed under the filter of a home-made amp. This type of arrangement highlights the creative paw of the band makes its sound unique. "Hara" is also characterized by a risk-taking on some tracks such as 'Morning Song', very inspired by the Beatles or 'Sick Machine' with a disco feel reminiscent of the Scissor Sisters or Blondie.

Contrary to what the very oriental artwork or the title of the album may suggest ("Hara" represents the point of balance between heaven and earth in Chinese and Japanese cultures), the psyche influences are less present than on the first album. Only 'Moha' is part of this movement with sounds close to the Doors period 'The End'. The end of the album oscillates again between the energetic stoner of 'Eht But', the wild finale of 'Pavot' , the languorous southern blues of an acoustic and melancholic 'Tit's' and 'On The Road' reminiscent of the seventies legends like America or Barclay James Harvest. References.

Dätcha Mandala does not want to limit itself to one style and explores the entire palette of seventies music. Grumpy people will blame them for this in-between positioning but the mix proves to be sufficiently varied and balanced to make this "Hara" more than interesting. With an exemplary production, and the communicative energy of a trio with flawless technique, it is obviously aimed at lovers of southern music between blues, stoner and rock, and at those who are not repelled by sweat and dust.
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01. Stick It Out
02. Mother God
03. Who You Are
04. Missing Blues
05. Morning Song
06. Sick Machine
07. Moha
08. Eht Bup
09. Tits
10. On The Road
11. Pavot

Jb Mallet: Batterie
Jérémy Saigne: Guitares
Nicolas Sauvey: Chant / Guitares / Basse / Harmonica
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