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"Despite the sincerity of the approach, the work done and the message against which one cannot disagree, this "In Flagrante Delicto" will not stay in the memories."
ADRIANSTORK (19.10.2020)  
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Ian Parry is a discreet character. If he boasts to have recorded with this ''In Flagrante Delicto'' his 5th solo album in thirty years of career, he is above all know to have participated in certain projects like Ayreon or Elegy. Let's take the opportunity of this new new album to discover this artist's work.

The ear is hardly raised that already some illustrious names come to mind: our Englishman evolves in the same sandbox as Whitesnake, Foreigner but also Pendragon or Yes. The tracks are zebraised with fearsome and hard guitars with jumping keyboards. For this, our veteran has managed to invite of a few recognized colleagues. One can hear on this disc Patrick Rondat, Stephan Lill of Vanden Plas or Jeroen Van Der Wiel (Odyssice). Not necessarily a dream team but a rather strong crew likely to give us some shivers.

'Ingenious' stands out slightly from the lot with a slightly muffled atmosphere but on which the guitar gives itself to heart joy. 'Fly' turns slightly away from hard rock style by adding the freshness of an acoustic guitar. The album focuses on an alarmist concept on ecology and especially on the production of toxics by humans (you can admire a good illustration on the cover).

Unfortunately, the writing of the songs is quite predictable and lacks originality. We could announce the guitar solos in advance. The accumulation of these is not very pleasant for a listening in osmosis. Moreover, Ian Parry's voice gets all the votes against it. It seems to be on the edge of every tone, neither low nor hoarse, but cruelly lacking in power and charisma (notably in 'The Day We Stopped Dreaming' or in the unbearable vocalizations in the introduction of the final piece). In addition, the English singer has the annoying habit of stretching the final of some songs.

Despite the sincerity of the approach, the work done and the message against which one cannot disagree, this "In Flagrante Delicto" will not stay in the memories. A little more variety in the structures of the compositions and a work on the vocals are a first step to be foreseen so that the next opus will be a frank success.
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01. Spaceman
02. Travellers (Across The Unknown Universe)
03. In Flagrante Delicto
04. Fool’s Paradise
05. Impulse
06. Ingenious
07. Wish
08. Fly
09. The Day We Stop Dreaming
10. So Far So Good

Ian Parry: Chant
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