Groovy, Opera-Rock, Rasping vocals
"With its sound inherited from Pantera or Lamb Of God mixed with other influences, "Anathema" is a rich and intelligent Thrash record."
NOISE (15.01.2020)  
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Since his debut for Antibes in 2012, Swarm has done well. He proposed a first opus in 2017 and has been touring the roads independently. With its groovy thrash, the band has shown a solid face and we expect his new opus, "Anathema", to confirm these beautiful dispositions. The record is dense with one hour of music and several long tracks, confirming a social side engaged in a complicated era.

We find a sound inherited from a Pantera or a Lamb Of God mixed with other influences giving a rich and varied result. 'Frontiers', 'The Deed Is Done' and 'Sputnik Explorer' are at the top of the thrash genre with a remarkable power and a typical groove. There's a hint of metalcore in 'Life On Hold', with its clear and veiled vocals, and 'Legacy Of Misery', which are both catchy and powerful. Fast and mind-blowing, 'Intifada' and 'Five' are worthy of Slayer and show great instrumental punch. On 'Five' and 'The Deed Is Done', we also appreciate the presence of French vocals, which brings a nice extra soul not far from a Lofofora.

'New Sun' which mixes all these influences with a very fast Overkill riff and a typical 90's groove. The track alternates well the ambiences with a pinch of clear vocals and an intense and mastered instrumental part. There is also 'Pyroclastic Flow', an instrumental that closes the album in beauty with a calm beginning, a huge rise in power and always this groove, very present in the riffs and solos. Finally, 'Simple Automata' surprises with its sweet intro and a very pure vocal and then bursts out with the same alternation between calm and raw power.

With "Anathema", Swarm offers a rich and intelligent record which uses in a melting pot all the richness of the thrash scene. With such a convincing opus under their arm, the French band has the weapons to continue on their way in the best possible way.

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01. New sun
02. Frontiers
03. Intifada
04. he Deed Is Done
05. Spoutnik Explorer
06. Deaf Blind Silent
07. Life on Hold
08. Simple Automata (Return at Home)
09. Legacy of Misery
10. Five
11. Pyroclastic Flow

Anthony Trillaud: Batterie
Antoine Chapet: Guitares
Matt Bankowski: Guitares
Mikael Gentili: Basse
Rémy Pauck: Chant
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