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"After an album released in January, Kadinja takes a well-deserved break by covering standards from metal to djent sauce for a stunning result."
DARIALYS (18.10.2019)  
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Created in 2013, and despite his youth in the djent scene, Kadinja is already a figure of the genre in France. After an album released in 2019 ("Super 90'") and already hailed by critics, the band elease its second album of the year. This time, the format is at the very least particular since this "DNA (Dedication.Nostalgia.Addiction)" is actually a tribute disc featuring ten tracks from the metal scene that have become cult, certainly having inspired the band members, in their youth, to make music.
All the songs covered have the particularity of being released between the end of the 90s and the beginning of the 2000s. But rather than just making simple covers, the Parisians offer a revisited version of the ten songs, adding a touch of modern metal, and thus a certain freshness.

It must be said that the pieces in question were not researched randomly and for the most part had characteristics more or less similar to the music of the French quintet. Thus, on 'Points Of Authority', the title of Linkin Park, the band highlights phrases with a djent sauce on the verses, and in particular on the finale of the song, making people aware at the same time that Linkin Park was already doing djent in its own way at the beginning of the 2000s, before the style became more democratic and exploded in recent years.

The musicians do not hesitate to completely rework the songs, as on 'Spit It Out' (Slipknot), where Kadinja's style is more present than ever. No trace of Slipknot's nu-metal on this famous track, the vocals being the only component that really allows to identify the song as the basic version is transfigured.

As usual, musically speaking, everything is perfect. The guitars are sharp, the rhythms percussive and the vocals are very versatile: rapped on 'Hot Dog', (Limp Bizkit obliges!), screamed on 'This Is The New Shit' (Marilyn Manson), much more restrained and melodic on 'Aerials' (System Of A Down), the singer Philippe Charny Dewandre is a real chameleon !

And it is this versatility that allows the album to breathe. While the band could have limited itself to keeping the initial approach of the big names in metal, the musicians do not hesitate to adapt certain passages, such as the chorus of "Points Of Authority", which draws more towards atmospheric metal by being much less raw of stripping than the original track. The surprise certainly comes from 'Aerials', which is presented in a minimalist format, carried by a song, a bass and some effects (reverb, chorus...) and a finish rich in choruses and softness for a surprising result.

To sum up, the musicians of Kadinja are enjoying themselves by rehabilitating in their own way the standards of their youth. If the result is successful, this album is more to put in the hands of the unconditional fans of the band curious to discover how the French reinterpret these metal hits. A pleasant break between "Super 90'" and an already much awaited third album!

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01. Hot Dog
02. Points of Authority
03. Falling Away From Me (cover Korn)
04. My Own Summer
05. This Is The New S**t
06. Spit It Out (cover Slipknot)
07. Between Angels And Insects
08. Alive
09. Passive
10. Aerials

Morgan Berthet: Batterie
Philippe Charny Dewandre: Chant
Pierre Danel: Guitares
Quentin Godet: Guitares
Steve Tréguier: Basse
Aaron Matts: Chant / Invité
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