"Back to the roots for Saga? Certainly, and this "Trust" will remind the good old time when "Worlds Apart" was at the top of the charts."
TONYB (24.04.2006)  
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After the musical redemption operated by Saga in the middle of the 90's, materialized by the second part of the "Chapters" on a cycle of 3 albums, then a transitional "Network" not as bad as some people let it be understood, our Canadians announced with this new album a return to the roots that every fan was entitled to wait for, also coinciding with the arrival of a new drummer in place of Steve Negus

The Saga style? Everybody knows it, and for almost 30 years, except for the UFO "Generation 13" and the three bad opus of the 90's, the band has not deviated from its line of conduct: relatively short songs, with an often unstoppable melody, and in which, despite everything, it manages to progressive elements, most often in the form of a little instrumental break. And from the very first bars of "That's As far As I'll Go", Saga's inimitable touch is condensed in a few minutes: a well set rhythmic, precise and sharp guitars and Michael Sadler's always so warm voice to take us in a unique journey of its kind.

On the other hand, what strikes in this new album, it is the intensity and the incredible punch of the group: a square implementation, melodies always as effective and instrumentalists of an outstanding technicality. The tracks follow one another with an energy never denied, to culminate on the title track of the album - "Trust" - which flirts squarely with the metal and goes to strike the listener with an unbelievable power. And throughout the 11 tracks of this album, Saga takes us into a rewriting of the most beautiful pages of its history, reminding of the first albums of the years 78-85. With this new opus, Saga finds a second youth and an assurance that even allows him to push the fantasy to cover a piece of a track from Coldplay, flagship band of years 2000 ("You Were Right").

Back to the roots? Certainly, and this "Trust" will remind the good old time when "Worlds Apart" was at the top of the charts, when "On the Loose" was played in loop on the radio waves ... 25 years ago. 

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01. That's As Far As I'll Go - 4:36
02. Back To The Shadows - 5:16
03. I'm Ok - 5:36
04. Time To Play - 3:31
05. My Friend - 3:19
06. Trust - 5:44
07. It's Your Life - 4:10
08. Footsteps In The Hall - 3:25
09. Ice In The Rain - 5:01
10. You Were Right - 4:05
11. On The Other Side - 4:56

Brian Doerner: Chant / Batterie
Ian Crichton: Guitares
Jim Crichton: Basse / Claviers
Jim Gilmour: Chant / Claviers / Clarinette
Michael Sadler: Chant / Basse / Claviers
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