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"After four years of waiting, the forty-eight minutes of "Numbers" are enough for Light Damage to propel itself in a new dimension. Undeniably a great success!"
TONYB (01.11.2018)  
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There are not so many bands from Luxembourg evolving in progressive rock (two as far as I know!) that we would miss one of their productions, especially since this second album of Light Damage was to say the least expected after the promises made by their convincing first opus produced in 2014 by Progressive Promotion Records.

'Number 261', a single released by the band as a preview, opens this "Numbers" in the form of a short and very energetic track, carried by a duo of male/female vocals surviving above a soundspace which, in my opinion, is overloaded, not being the ideal introduction. Fortunately, the next part is completely different and it is first of all a (too short) instrumental based on a repetitive gimmick that will tickle our ears. With a rather light initial theme, this one proposes then a beautiful chorus of guitars followed by a solo in the high pitches. Strewn with breaks and rhythmic ruptures, the song ends in a kind of atmosphere of emergency punctuated by some touches of theremin.

After these two appetizers, the main course is 'From Minor to Sailor', an epic song relating the story of a miner who wants to become a sailor. In almost 20 minutes, the Luxemburgish band provides us with a sheer joy of neo-progressive rock, not the kind that caricatures the genre, but rather in an inventive and dynamic mode with a modern sound and aggressive guitars, even getting close to the shores of post-rock at times.
Of course, this kind of track can only keep going with many changes of themes, tonalities and sonorities. And we have to admit that Light Damage brings here all the necessary ingredients for its success with, to start with, a splendid introduction mixing a Camelian flute and a guitar playing strongly inspired by Steve Rothery, before the story unfolds, linking the ambiances according to the dramaturgy of the story, the whole endowed with a solid chorus refrain which comes back at regular intervals. Even if the keyboards are somewhat put in the background behind the guitar and the bass/drums duo which are very present, it is worth noting the numerous arabesques of piano which bring all their smoothness to the whole,

After such a massive album, far from becoming noticeably, Light Damage has still two magnificent opuses to offer us. It is first of all 'Little Dark One' and its beginning in chamber music mode, violin and cello (as well as the last track soberly entitled... 'Untitled'), which is going to take off slowly with a very progressive rise in power. And then 'Phantom Twin' is going to make us a kick off like 'Albedo 0.39' of Vangelis, with Philip K. Dick reciting a text on a background of cosmic keyboards, then a small instrumental suite with marillionesque accents, before the title really takes off after 3'30, in the form of a myriad of notes played on the piano, while the rest of the band unfolds its score with many guitar ledges and good odd rhythms, increasing the tension as the song progresses.

After waiting for four years, the forty-eight minutes of "Numbers" are enough for Light Damage to propel themselves into a new dimension, going from the status of hope to that of a confirmed band. Integrating the references of the glorious elders, the Luxemburgish band nevertheless has acquired his own personality, which modernizes in a very nice way, what has been called neo-progressive for 35 years now! "Numbers" is undoubtedly a great success, to be listened to.
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01. Number 261
02. Bloomed
03. From Minor To Sailor
04. Little Dark One
05. Phantom Twin
06. Untitled

Christophe Szczyrk: Batterie
Frederik Hardy: Basse / Choeurs
Nicholas-john Dewez: Chant / Guitares / Thérémine
Sébastien Pérignon: Claviers
Stéphane Lecocq: Guitares
Astrid Gallez: Invité / Flûte (3)
Charlie Bertrand: Invité / Musical Box (6)
Dominique Poncin: Invité / Contrebasse (4,6)
Judith Lecuit: Invité / Violoncelle (4,6)
Margot Poncin: Invité / Violon
Marie-noël Mouton: Invité / Chant (6)
Marilyn Placek: Invité / Chant (1,3)
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