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"" Galasphere 347" is a perfect synthesis of the progressive rock of the second half of the 70's with a touch of modernity."
TONYB (31.07.2018)  
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Taking their name from a British series from the 60's (Space Patrol), the members of Galasphere 347 are coming from bands whose names are a well known of the progressive rock of the 70's (White Willow, Henry Fool or Anglagard). And for its first album, this Anglo-Scandinavian super-group offers us a short album (41 minutes), composed of three long pieces.

And as the members of the group let suppose, it is to a dive in the progressive rock of the 70's in its diversity that "Galasphere 347" is going to invite us. 'The Voice of Beauty Drowned' will start with 90 seconds of atmospheric sounds, before taking us on the steps of Genesis, "A Trick of The Tail/Wind and Wuthering" period. The keyboards, the vocal intonations, the rhythmics... the illusion is almost perfect. The Genesis homage will however be interrupted during two minutes of a regenerating break and welcome before a final where the bass particularly well mixed comes to bring its contribution to a first very well built piece.

From the top of its 15 minutes, 'The Fallen Angel' will prove to be much more eclectic, with the presence of electronic sound effects, the intervention of a trumpet and a rhythmic around the 8th minute which is not without reminding that of a certain 'Bolero' (Ravel). Here again, many references coming from progressive world are present, with a constant melodic concern. One can only regret at times the slight lack of percussion of the singer whose sweet voice is somewhat monotonous.

But this slight inconvenience is nothing compared to the formidable potential of the last track, 'Barbarella's Lover', whose construction and interpretation by musicians of great quality guarantees many listenings. After a beginning supported by a Dantesque rhythm section, queen of the offbeats and a guitar not stingy with riffs, the group will multiply the rebounds with many instrumental passages that can be listened to on several levels, to end up with a fantastic final progression flirting with the space-prog.

At the end of these three tracks, the listener will not have seen time go by as Galasphere 347 manages to skillfully handle accessibility and sustained interest. A perfect synthesis of the progressive rock of the second half of the 70's with a touch of modernity, this first opus carried by accomplished musicians certainly does not generate any surprise, but is so well constructed and interpreted that it would be a shame to miss it.

01. The Voice of Beauty Drowned
02. The Fallen Angel
03. Barbarella’s Lover

Jacob Holm-lupo: Guitares / Basse
Ketil Vestrum Einarsen: Claviers / Flûte, Programmations
Mattias Olsson: Guitares / Claviers / Batterie
Stephen Bennett: Chant / Guitares / Claviers
Akaba: Invité / Choeurs
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4.5/5 (2 view(s))
4/5 (2 view(s))
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