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"Karcius thus confirms with "The Fold" that he counts on the world progressive rock scene and delivers an album rich, demanding and dark as a cold night in the Canadian boreal forest."
CALGEPO (26.09.2018)  
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Karcius is originally from Canada, a country which is swarming with progressive rock bands such as Innerspace, Mystery, Jelly Fiche and many others. If some of them are part of a progressive rock with a neo tendency also composed of AOR or American rock elements, Karcius has chosen a sprawling progressive by grafting to its base touches of jazz and metal that make its listening irremediably more complex. 

Just like the icy cover, the atmosphere that emanates from this album is not the most joyful. The whole is dark, deadly, oppressive and, something to be noted, the jazz that has been flowing in the band's veins for years is a little less present. Karcius, without denying his roots, evolves and adapts his music to the proposed concept. For in "The Fold", he tackles the theme of dementia that could divert our perception of the reality that surrounds us: "At the heart of every living being lies a power that is hidden deep within our minds. It can alter thoughts, render unconscious and feed on memories". 

'Absence Of Light' which opens "The Fold" is well thought out with a long atmospheric introduction of almost four minutes reminiscent of Pink Floyd that sets the mood. The keyboard layers are wrapped with pretty electric guitar solos that glide as one pleases, allowing the track to slowly build up until the vocals come in. The music then becomes more acoustic and then densifies towards powerful metal atmospheres in the last part. We can't do more progressive. 'Something' follows the step of this first track while being more subtle, with a melody more flowing and limpid enhanced by its heady chorus until its final explosion much more raging.

The work on the guitars is impressive of mastery and feeling between the inspired solos and metal, saturated and fat riffs. The rhythmics are not left aside with the hypnotic almost oriental tempo that wraps 'Hardwire' underlined by a clear voice that becomes cavernous and disturbing the more the title advances. A word about 'Goodbye', an old-school composition with its dry guitar arpeggios that wonderfully dress up its vaporous first part a la Genesis, which also reminds us of Steven Wilson's 'The Raven That Refuses To Sing' ('Watchmaker'), which then fades away to give way to a slightly jazzy and swaying instrumental bridge. This track is undoubtedly the top of the album.

Karcius thus confirms with "The Fold" that he counts on the world progressive rock scene and delivers an album rich, demanding, dark as a cold night in the Canadian boreal forest. With its convoluted rock, the band delivers an impressive musical journey that will appeal to the largest number of listeners, novice and experienced alike.
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01. Absence of Light (10:04)
02. Something (06:18)
03. Hardwired (05:54)
04. Goodbye (09:27)
05. Burning My Dreams (07:01)
06. The Fold (06:58)

Simon L'esperance: Guitares
Sylvain Auclair: Chant / Basse
Thomas Brodeur: Batterie / Percussions
Sebastien Cloutier: Claviers / Invité
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4/5 (2 view(s))
4/5 (2 view(s))
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