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"Melodic and varied, "Ecstasy" definitively installs Kissin' Dynamite on the tops of the genre."
LOLOCELTIC (16.07.2018)  
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After the experimentations of "Megalomania" (2014) which had left a part of the fans wary, "Generation Goodbye" (2016) had made everyone agree and even appeared as the album of maturity by combining perfectly all the sides presented by Kissin' Dynamite since the beginning of its discographic career. Maintaining their rhythm of a studio opus every two years, the German quintet is back with "Ecstasy" whose mission is to confirm the enthusiasm triggered by his previous album, which is not necessarily easy.

Launching the hostilities with its keyboards that sound like 'Baba O'Riley' of The Who, 'I've Got The Fire', laying the foundations of what will follow, namely tracks with a communicative energy endowed with attractive and unstoppable refrains. And if the first listening may leave the impression of an album without any flaw or real originality, it is absolutely necessary not to stay on this first feeling and come back without any delay to tracks offering both variety and a flawless efficiency. Besides Johannes Braun also has taken the opportunity to offer us his best performance with a vocal that is as efficient in the softness as in the energy, in the low notes as in the high ones, even getting rocky on 'Waging War'. Reinforcing the efficiency of some choruses, some choirs come to support him on 'Somedy's Gotta Do It', 'Breaking The Silence' or 'No Time To Wonder'.

Impossible to name each unforgettable chorus because they are almost all of them, even if it will be difficult to escape the federative 'You're Not Alone' or 'Somebody's Gotta Do It'. On the other hand, the variety of the atmospheres must be underlined in a set privileging a melodic approach. This one can range from a rock with accents worthy of Billy Idol ('Placebo') to a martial 'Breaking The Silence' which is not without reminding the compatriots of Rammstein. And the most impressive is that the whole remains coherent, always relying on recurring elements such as the inevitable catchy refrains. To note also the presence of Anna Brunner (Exit Eden) who gives the reply with talent and energy to Johannes Braun on the eponymous title, and two ballads which avoid the trap of the sirupy songs with a semi-acoustic and bewitching 'Still Around' and a delicate and moving 'Heart Of Stone' reminding at the same time Bon Jovi and Dare with its slight Celtic touches.

It is again a proof of the maturity of Kissin' Dynamite that is offered with "Ecstasy". If "Generation Goodbye" balanced the different influences of the Germans, the newcomer reinforces this feeling with a capacity to be catchy without being too immediate. With 13 tracks that turn out to be as many melodic and varied pearls, the Braun brothers' gang definitively settles on the tops of the genre and shows a confidence that will be difficult to shake if they continue to produce such high quality productions.

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01. I've Got The Fire - 4:32
02. You're Not Alone - 4:28
03. Somebody's Gotta Do It - 3:53
04. Ecstasy - 4:10
05. Still Around - 4:17
06. Superhuman - 4:11
07. Placebo - 4:01
08. Breaking The Silence - 4:34
09. Waging War - 4:16
10. One More Time - 4:04
11. Heart Of Stone - 4:30
12. Wild Wind - 3:48
13. No Time To Wonder - 4:28

Ande Braun: Guitares
Andreas Schnitzer : Batterie
Jim Müller: Guitares
Johannes Braun: Chant
Steffen Haile : Basse
Anna Brunner: Chant / Invité
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