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"In a style inherited from the German or Dutch neo-progressive rock bands of the end of the last century, this high quality "Scattered Shards" will surely delight the fans of the genre."
TONYB (28.05.2018)  
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Born in the 90's, the Berlin band Crystal Palace revealed itself to our ears only these last years, in a style inherited from the German or Dutch neo-progressive bands of the end of the last century, whose main characteristic was to focus on the melodic aspect, the whole supported by a big sound (like Ziff, Knight Area, or Neo-Prophet for example).

And yet, the beginning of "Scattered Shards", the ninth album of the band, is done gently, with an introspective dive, 'Inside the Box' (whose conceptual and musical counterpart will be found at the end of the album), in the form of a superb melody carried by a voice / piano duet on a symphonic keyboards background. A rather intriguing beginning for those who are familiar with the band, but which will slowly increase in power before flirting with metal after a few moments of the title track, 'Scattered Shards'. The familiar Crystal Palace universe is now in place and the rest will unfold everything that fans of the band are used to hearing.

'The Logic of Fear' is the perfect representative: first of all, big sound proposed by modern keyboards filling the atmosphere, some electro touches in addition (no Mellotron or Hammond organ), sustained rhythmic serving as a melting pot for guitar soli of all kinds. And then, essential element, melodies once again unstoppable which immediately strike the spirit with a strong addictive power. As for those who would still expect a little more percussion, a track like 'Craying' comes to surf on the metallic borders, with the presence of a strongly typed rhythmic guitar judiciously placed in counterpoint of the melodic guitar, offering in the end a tasty cocktail.

With Crystal Palace, the listener knows in advance what he is buying. No surprises or radical change of style, the Germans follow their path, unperturbed. But what could give birth to a banal galette turns out once again to be of very first quality. The lucky purchaser of "Scattered Shards" will once again get his money's worth.
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01. Inside the Box
02. Scattered Shards
03. Inside Your Dreams
04. The Logic of Fear
05. Craving
06. Collateral
07. SICI
08. Outside the Box

Frank Köhler: Claviers
Nils Conrad : Guitares
Tom Ronney: Batterie
Yentz Strurz: Chant / Basse
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