Epic, Female vocals, Melancholic, Neo
"Progressive and atmospheric while integrating metal, rock and folk elements, "The Beast Within" highlights a band with an asserted identity and capable of evolving."
LOLOCELTIC (20.12.2017)  
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Half a dozen years ago, everything seemed to be going well for the Northerners of Amartia. After the justified critical success of the excellent "Delicately", Vincent Vercaigne's band gave the impression to be on the tracks leading them to a recognition worthy of their talent. With its catch-all side, "In A Quiet Place..." looked like an acoustic break intended to make the fans wait. Unfortunately, the expected outcome did not come out and the members started to leave the band one after the other, forcing the leader and his faithful keyboard player Cyril Carrette to replace their rhythm section and especially their charismatic German singer, Britta Harzog. What was almost a separation finally turned out to be only a break, which ended up with a new opus presenting the new members of the band, including the singer Amandine Duwooz.

The arrival of the new vocalist is anything but inconsequential. Not that her voice is profoundly different from the one of the singer who preceded her, even if we sometimes think of Sharon Den Adel (Within Temptation) or Lisa Fury (ex Karnataka, Reckless Heart), but because she was very involved in the writing of the lyrics and she seems to have already found her place within the quintet. Her crystalline voice brings a new color to AmartiA's compositions, creating an atmosphere often close to the chiaroscuro by contrasting with some powerful and metallic riffs. The contrast is moreover an element on which this opus plays regularly, alternating the epic titles of more than eight minutes ('The Beast Within', 'Sudden Death') with the suites composed of several parts ('Temper' and 'Bide Your Time').

Contrasts within most of the tracks, then pressing on the progressive side of the band's identity. The eponymous title is a superb example by integrating some rock and melodic passages with sometimes Celtic intonations before launching a second powerful and dark instrumental part. Slipped between the two suites, 'Fortunée' acts as a delicate and melancholic ballad with a modest beauty and a solo on which Vincent Vercaigne makes all his feeling come out, placing himself then at the sides of Andrew Latimer (Camel) or Nick Barrett (Pendragon). In the same spirit, his final solo on the whole second part of 'Sudden Death' reinforces the delicacy of this track dealing with the last journey and the departure towards the unknown. To note also the beautiful performances of the other members of the group, in particular Cyril Carrette who makes a superb solo on 'Hiatus', third part of the suite 'Temper'.

Without denaturing itself, AmartiA has been able to take advantage of the break imposed by its line-up changes, these last ones having also been the occasion of a contribution of new elements. Navigating with ease in both progressive and atmospheric waters, not hesitating to mix metal, rock and folk elements, the northern band asserts a beautiful identity that they seem to be able to keep evolving. With a more elaborate production and a few more hang-ups within its compositions, it is highly possible that AmartiA will finally be able to slip into the midst of the leading bands of the genre. It could only be fair.

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01. The Beast Within - 8:41
02. Temper I Still Water - 1:18
03. Temper Ii Temper Tantrum - 5:04
04. Temper Iii Hiatus - 6:24
05. Temper Iv Tantrum Gone - 4:07
06. Fortunée - 6:04
07. Bide Your Time Part 1 - 3:41
08. Bide Your Time Part 2 - 3:38
09. Sudden Death - 8:32

Amandine Duwooz: Chant
Cyril Carrette: Claviers
Sébastien Descarpentries: Guitares / Basse
Thomas Desmet: Batterie
Vincent Vercaigne: Guitares / Claviers
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