"In the wonderful land of neo-progressive rock, TNNE unfolds a know-how of excellence. Demonstration made with this "Wonderland"."
TONYB (12.01.2018)  
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Patrick Kiefer and Alex Rukavina have been working together in one of the few progressive rock bands in Luxembourg for over 30 years, defending a style that has been called neo for more than 3 decades!

Beyond the qualifier that continues to ruffle the hair of the purists and scare off the followers of a progressive rock where everything would be only complexity, the duo from now on gathered under the banner of The No Name Experience keeps on tracing its road by proposing us a progressive rock based first and foremost on worked melodies and consequent developments, accompanied by abundant arrangements within which the keyboards take the lion's share, Alex Rukavina's talent being particularly highlighted. And this "Wonderland" will once again not depart from the tradition.

However, the arrival in the band of Claudio Cordero, Cast's guitarist, is going to rebalance the sound universe of the band, with notably some well balanced riffs, even some measures with metallic sounds ('Eye of a Storm'), knowing that technically, the boy is irreproachable ( listen to the excellent 'Wonderland' to convince you!) In the same way, the saxophone contributions regularly bring a welcomed warm tone.

Then of course, TNNE plays neo-progressive rock, and doesn't hide it at all. But a title like 'My Childish Mind' can really be considered as a textbook of the good practices of the genre, with notably a three minutes instrumental introduction totally mastered and exciting. And yet to take the listener familiar with the band's discography to new horizons, our Luxemburgers offer us new colors, pitting a violin (unfortunately sampled), cosmic keyboards with an aggressive guitar for a beautiful 'Final Fantasy', Patrick Kiefer's voice once again sublimating the whole.

We could of course take each track one after the other to praise its merits, and in particular the medieval introduction of 'Frozen in Time', but we will leave this delight of discovery to the listener who will take the time of several listenings to completely impregnate himself of this marvelous album. We will however underline the touching last track, proposed as a bonus and indeed slightly shifted compared to the whole album, but sung for the first time in French!

Neo-progressive rock fans, we can only advise you to rush on this album of a band that would have undoubtedly a more important fame if it evolved in the country of Brexit rather than in Luxembourg. As for those who are allergic to the style, don't pass your way, open your ears and enjoy!
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01. My Childish Mind
02. Eye of a Storm
03. Katrina Killed the Clown
04. Wonderland
05. Final Fantasy
06. Frozen in Time
07. Glittering Lights
08. Eight Weeks
09. Le Fil Du Temps

Alex Rukavina: Claviers
Claudio Cordero: Guitares
Fred Hormain: Saxophone
Gilles Wagner: Batterie
Patrick Kiefer: Chant
Cédric Gilis: Guitares / Invité
Michael Casadei Della Chiesa: Basse / Invité
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3.3/5 (3 view(s))
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