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"By fully assuming its high level progressive trash, Stolen Memories found its marks and "Paradox" turns out to be an excellent surprise."
NEWF (15.11.2017)  
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In music as in life, the best thing is to assume your choices. Easier to say than to do, but at least it allows you not to lose your identity. Stolen Memories understood it well. The french band plays progressive metal and finally claims it with their third opus "Paradox". No more digressions on the label that followed the release of "Blind Consequence" four years ago. A salutary break allowed the combo to review its musical ambitions. It is pointless to ignore the progressive aspect of their music. Even if progressive metal is less sold than metal in general ( whatever), it is indeed prog metal that we are talking about here.

And not just any prog. Because "Paradox" is above all dominated by clearly thrash riffs. If a filiation is to be found, it is undoubtedly towards Dream Theater's "Train Of Thought" that one must look for. Even if this album was very controversial, it remains one of the best metal albums of the 2000s. But it is only a reference, certainly sometimes very marked, notably with the title 'Hidden Hurt'. Because the great strength of Stolen Memories is to privilege the short formats. Not a single track exceeds six minutes but all of them contain enough musical ideas to embark the listener and not let him go.

From the evocative artwork to the very modern production, the album breathes the taste for a well done work. Composition work first, characterized by atmospheric ('Red Spring'), jazz ('The Badge'), oriental ('Lack Of Clarity') and even electro ('Constant Liar') bridges that bring the necessary breaths and contrast with the heavy and thrashy riffs. Work of execution then because the Lyonnais are above all excellent musicians.

Perfectly mixed, the rhythmic section shines by its eclecticism and Antoine Brun's drum patterns sometimes drift more towards the djent ('Constant Liar') and support the often brilliant bass lines ('No Cure For This'). But the most remarkable work remains that of his brother Baptiste, whose performance dominates the album head and shoulders. At ease in all registers, the guitarist alternates effective riffs, inspired arpeggios ('Hidden Hurt') and amazing shred solos ('Red Spring', 'No Cure For This') sometimes amplified with devastating whammy effects ('Obedience', 'Lack Of Clarity').

There is still the unusual singing of Najib Maftah which will probably not please everyone as it is far from the standards of the genre. However, his baritone voice contributes to the originality of the tracks and brings contrast and lyricism to the sometimes heavy ambiances of the opus.

Thus, by fully assuming its high level progressive thrash, Stolen Memories has found its marks and proves to be an excellent surprise. "Paradox" is a success both technically and melodically. It would be unfair that this album and this band remain confidential. It's up to you to play !
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01. Red Spring
02. The Badge
03. Obedience
04. Constant Liar
05. Hidden Hurt
06. Exile
07. A Second Chance
08. No Cure For This
09. Lack Of Clarity
10. Only The Brave

Antoine Brun: Batterie
Baptiste Brun: Guitares / Claviers
Najib Maftah: Chant
Olivier Dalmas: Basse
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