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"Talented French band, Superscream delivers an excellent album of progressive metal, powerful, varied and melodic."
NEWF (28.06.2017)  
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Superscream was born from the meeting of a great singer and a great guitarist, who in 2011 had given birth to musical object which was difficult to identify but perfectly successful , the well named "Some Strange Heavy Sound". Skillfully mixing progressive metal and world music, heavy riffs and Latin-American percussions, rap and oriental arpeggios, the album was dominated by Philippe Vermont's talent as a composer and guitarist and Eric Pariche's vocal qualities, who is also a tenor at the Rouen Opera and the singer of the band Waverly Lies North. After a complete change of rhythm section, the two friends are back with a second opus, "The Engine Cries", which is likely to propel Superscream into the closed circle of the leaders of the French progressive metal scene.

Indeed, the music of the band from Rouen has all the ingredients of the style: power, technicality, asymmetrical rhythms and above all a remarkable melodic work on the majority of the compositions. Dream Theater remains the major influence of the band, especially on the tracks 'Evil Cream', 'Pandora' and 'Metal Builders'. However, the tracks are varied enough to venture into less well-trodden territory, such as the very zeppelin-like 'Velvet Cigarette' or the metal boogie 'Where's My Mon?', an impressive track of virtuosity where the very jazzy rhythm section makes Phil Vermont's whammy guitar effects swing.

The work on the guitars is the main asset of the album. An eclectic guitarist, Vermont multiplies the ambiences and sounds: powerful heavy riffs, oriental arpeggios, shred solos. Without ever forgetting expressiveness, his playing evokes the phrasing of Jimi Hendrix ('Way Out') as well as the dexterity of Steve Vai ('The Engine Cries') and his talent for harmonising guitars allows Superscream's music to be free of the contribution of a keyboard.

As for Eric Pariche, he is the real added value of the album. At ease in all registers, his voice sometimes very close to Ian Gillan's tone ('Velvet Cigarette') covers several octaves and gives the band's music all its power but also its sweet madness ('Way Out').

"The Engine Cries" is a powerful, varied and enjoyable progressive metal album that could have been a real masterpiece if it wasn't penalized by two well-executed but less inspired power metal compositions ('Your Necklace Of Bites', 'Insane God') that harm its cohesion. But let's not deny ourselves the pleasure because Superscream delivers a remarkable album that suggests the best for this talented French band.
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01. Cubozoa's Gossips
02. Evil Cream
03. The Engine Cries
04. Pandora
05. Velvet Cigrarette
06. Your Necklace of Bites
07. Way Out
08. Where's My Mon ?
09. Metal Builders
10. Insane God

Daniel Sminiac: Guitares
Eric Pariche: Chant
Martin Mabire: Batterie
Phil Vermont: Guitares
Stéphane Lescarbotte: Basse
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4/5 (1 view(s))
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