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"Between symphonic, death, folk and atmospheric black metal, 'The Forest Seasons' is a splendid work which is much more than an interlude while waiting for "Time II"."
NOISE (06.10.2017)  
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And no! It is not yet now that Wintersun will release a "Time II", expected since 2012 and in work since 2006. Perfectionist to the extreme, Jari Maenpaa is not ready to complete a project worthy of the Sagrada Familia. While waiting for the necessary equipment, Wintersun has launched a fundraising campaign to improve his studio and offer several albums. The success has been considerable and allows us to savor something new from this wonderful symphonic death folk metal storyteller.

Built in 4 acts, "The Forest Seasons" refers to Vivaldi and his 4 seasons. Made like a book, this disc is a true spiritual journey that plunges us into the heart of Finland and its forests, each title representing a stage in the life of the forest. Wintersun has privileged emotions and from the beginning of the journey, the immersion is total. There is violence, purity, fragility and sensitivity in this work.

Spring and autumn, 'Awaken From The Dark Slumber' and 'Eternal Darkness', are hard and bitter. The rhythm is intense, the growl freezes the blood and we let ourselves be drawn into the heart of the forest with a perfect mix of folk, symphonic black and melodic death metal. The titles are long but it allows to plunge into the atmosphere. With the summer and the winter, a ray of light comes to strike this forest as if the heat then the cold soothed the tormented souls. 'The Forest That Weeps' and 'Loneliness' are less violent and are the occasion of impressive vocal passages. On the first track, the clear vocals are in perfect harmony with the growl. And what about those monumental choirs with members of Tyr, Ensiferum, Turisas or Moonsorrow, except that they are of a rare intensity? Beside, the folksy passages complete this track with a rare density. 'Loneliness' closes the disc in beauty, with a music that is as rich as ever, with remarkable finesse, a very pure and clear vocals and a golden chorus. A complete success!

With 'The Forest Seasons', Wintersun offers the perfect synthesis of his art. Between symphonic, death, folk and atmospheric black metal, he delivers a splendid work which is much more than an interlude while waiting for "Time II". We can only hope that the band will offers us other marvels of this kind.
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01. Awaken From The Dark Slumber (spring): Part I – The Dark Slumber / Part Ii – The Awakening - 14:41
02. The Forest That Weeps (summer) - 12:18
03. Eternal Darkness (autumn): Part I – Haunting Darkness / Part Ii – The Call Of The Dark Dream / Part Iii – Beyond The Infinite Universe / Part Iv – Death - 14:08
04. Loneliness (winter) - 12:54

Jari Mäenpää: Chant / Guitares
Jukka Koskinen: Basse
Kai Hahto: Batterie
Teemu Mäntysaari: Guitares
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