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"Final point to the discography of Roxy Music, "Avalon" closes honorably a career which will have lasted only ten years."
CORTO1809 (02.08.2016)  
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Since their reunion in 1979, we can't say that Roxy Music has particularly excited us. Stricken by the 80's syndrome, Ferry and his colleagues recorded two mediocre albums with bland songs. The musicians put away their crazy solo to limit themselves to playing the discreet accompaniments of a singer without soul ("Manifesto") then abusing glamorous cooing ("Flesh + Blood"). As much to say that at this stage of the band's career, the fans of the first hour expect little from this new album.

However, if "Avalon" continues in the dancing and glamorous style adopted since 1979, it adds a depth that was far from being found on the two previous albums. If all the songs are bathed in the same atmosphere, sometimes giving a false impression of linearity because of the lack of a blatant gap from one track to another as it could be on the first records, the album nevertheless inventive and very varied reserves many surprises to whoever scratches the surface layer a little.

"Avalon" contains its bunch of romantic songs on which the seductive Ferry makes many hearts beat: 'More Than This', 'Avalon', 'While My Heart Is Still Beating', 'To Turn You On' or 'True To Life' all have this "more glamorous than death" style, with a Bryan Ferry with an exquisitely sweet tone and melodies that easily get into your head. But unlike the two previous albums, it never turns into mawkishness and all the tracks hit the spot. Ferry's voice is melancholic and expressive, and Manzanera and Mackay don't hesitate to intervene.

But the album is not just about that. Thus the cold and hypnotic 'The Space Between' displays a little robotic side reminding Kraftwerk, an impression that we find on 'The Main Thing', reminding Visage. If 'India', a short instrumental interlude, also evokes a German band, it is Tangerine Dream this time that we think of. Another instrumental that is far too short, 'Tara', with its melancholic sax that lays its delicate notes on the dark chords of a keyboard, puts a magnificent end to the career of Roxy Music.

Admittedly, this version of Roxy Music bears little resemblance to the group that had offered us its eponymous album ten years earlier. But "Avalon" closes honorably a very short career, allowing those that the last albums had disappointed to be reconciled with their favorite band.
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01. More Than This (04:31)
02. The Space Between (04:28)
03. Avalon (04:15)
04. India (01:45)
05. While My Heart Is Still Beating (03:25)
06. The Main Thing (03:47)
07. Take a Chance With Me (04:43)
08. To Turn You On (04:10)
09. True To Life (04:20)
10. Tara (01:32)

Andy Mackay: Saxophone / Hautbois
Bryan Ferry: Chant / Claviers / Synthétiseurs
Phil Manzanera: Guitares
Paul Carrack: Invité / Piano (8)
Alan Spenner: Invité / Basse (1,3-6,8,10)
Andy Newmark: Batterie / Invité
Fonzi Thorton: Invité / Choeurs
Jimmy Maelen: Invité / Percussions
Kermit Moore: Invité / Violoncelle (8)
Neil Jason: Invité / Basse (2,7,9)
Rick Marotta: Invité / Batterie (8)
Yanick Etienne: Invité / Choeurs (3)
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