Easy-Listening, Intimist, Melancholic, Rasping vocals
"A cross between Ghost and Volbeat, Mustasch offers us with "Testosterone" a mix of hard rock, stoner and irresistible pop."
NOISE (01.10.2015)  
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It didn't take long for the Swedish band Mustasch to release their eighth album, "Testosterone", just over a year after "Thank You For The Demon". From a stoner rock at the beginning, the band added strings to its musical bow to gradually create a unique style. With more pop and melodic touches, Mustasch is now a cross between Ghost and Volbeat with this ability to create songs with strong melodies.

The band excels in creating soft and pop songs that would make Ghost blush with jealousy. From the beginning with 'Yara's Song', Mustasch amazes us with this melancholic ballad rising slowly in power. This title benefits from a superb very pop vocal, a very strong melody and very beautiful orchestrations. 'The Rider' is a typical country ballad with a huge feeling and a sensitive vocal, while 'Dreamers' mixes intelligently ballad and 80's hard rock spirit on an irresistible chorus close to Europe and typical soli of this style.

But Mustasch also knows how to come back to his roots. Thus with the very stirring 'Breaking Up With Disaster', 'Down To Earth', 'Under The Radar' and 'Be Like A Man', he signs fresh and immediate compositions. The choruses are huge, the soli impeccable. The mix between hard stoner and melodic hard, sometimes close to Def Leppard as on 'Under The Radar', is done with a rare happiness.

With "Testosterone", Mustasch proves once again that he knows how to handle both raw power and pure emotions. This alchemy works perfectly and results in a concentration of the best of the band's art. We must now wish him to finally meet the success he deserves, such a talent can't remain for a long time in the shadow.
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01. Yara's Song
02. Breaking up with disaster
03. The Rider
04. Down to earth
05. The Hunter
06. Dreamers
07. Be Like A Man
08. Someone
09. Under the radar
10. Testosterone

David Johannesson: Guitares
Jejo Perkovic: Batterie
Mats Stam Johansson: Basse
Ralf Gyllenhammar: Chant / Guitares
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