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"This new album of "Killing Joke" shows a still engaged band whose inspiration is far from being dried up."
ADRIANSTORK (05.01.2015)  
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Two years after the success of ''Absolute Dissent'' marked by its tribute to its late bassist ('The Raven King') or its sound explorations ('European Superstate' and its electro rhythmics), Killing Joke comes back in this year 2022 with an album soberly entitled ''MMXII''. Even if we know the interest of its singer, Jaz Coleman, for occultism and eschatological theories, can we see in this album an opportunistic commercial reflex or a will -as one of its former hits refers- to go dancing in the flames (while there is still time)?

''MMXII'' seems to be the most political and anti-consensual album of the band that sometimes describes the catastrophes to come ('Glitch' 'Colony Collapse' and its raging drums, 'Pole Shift'), sometimes denounces the designs of those who govern us ('Fema Camp', 'Corporate elect') fooling the people with illusions (the very philosophical 'Rapture' whose Jaz Coleman's screams revive the tradition of using the title as the only refrain). The music is in adequacy with the lyrics: heavy, violent, frontal. As a testimony, the frenzied 'Pole Shift' whose arpeggios of Jaz Coleman's growled vocals go hand in hand with a beastly rhythm section constituting a perfect sound illustration of the prophetic lyrics of the song, 'Corporate elect' which resembles a funereal rock 'n' roll, or the rious and icy climates of 'Primobile' with the sometimes aerial, sometimes explosive guitar of Geordie Walker detaching itself from the relentless loops of keyboards.

But if it denounces, the album is able to propose solutions, like the one to wake up and say NO to all those who enslave us. 'Fema Camp' first evokes a military march before flowing into a dizzying loop where Jaz Coleman's hypnotic voice, slightly distorted, makes us share the revolt of those who want to fight against the destructive desires of FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency). The soothed 'In Cythera' is a little gem with hints of a silky pop supported by a nostalgic and humanistic text. This last one does not make stain in the work of the group and is placed at the sides of pieces like 'Love like blood'. This song with an obvious commercial potential will unfortunately not be fully exploited, including by the band who voluntarily omitted to play it during the concerts. Of millenarian obedience, the album suggests that the world could emerge victorious from its fight against death by finding its first origins, as underlined by the last track 'On all hallow's Eve', with its tribal rhythmics.

''MMXII'' is a dark album from a band that always seems to push the limits of its creativity. Sure, one could accuse Killing Joke of having lost some of their depth, but the hot news prevented any secondary thoughts. However, a few months after the release of the album and at the time of leaving on tour with the bands The Cult and The Mission, Jaz Coleman seemed to have disappeared from the face of the earth... He will be found in the Sahara desert, safe and sound, having needed the solitude to finish a book that should be published soon.
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01. Pôle Shift
02. Fema Camp
03. Rapture
04. Colony Collapse
05. Corporate Elect
06. In Cythera
07. Glitch
08. Primobile
09. Trance
10. On All Hallow`s Eve

Jaz Coleman: Chant / Claviers
Kevin 'geordie' Walker: Guitares
Martin 'youth' Glover: Basse
Paul Ferguson: Batterie
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4/5 (3 view(s))
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