"Resistor, the American quartet led by Steve Unruh, confirms with this "To The Stars" all the good that we thought of this band on the border between Progressive Rock and Hard Rock."
PETER HACKETT (18.04.2014)  
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Resistor's music is one of the most beautiful illustrations of what perhaps progressive rock is all about. The band serves us with each album a tasty cocktail with multiple ingredients borrowed from rock currents ranging from hard rock to folk, what our English-speaking reviewer friends call prog crossover!

"To The Stars", the first track of the album to which it lends its name, gives from the outset, over nearly twelve minutes, a good idea of the overall level of the compositions. After a start on the a cappella vocals, the instruments come on stage while the rhythm and the tone increase. There is acoustic guitar, then electric guitar in chorus with wha-wha effect and, towards the middle part of the title, a passage with a huge work of bass and drums. A short violin intervention will give a folk color to this first track. This violin will come back often afterwards and it will be practically the central instrument of "Train To Tucana", fourth title of the album, which will even see a short intervention of a flute.

This atmosphere, which seems to come from the cross between Jethro Tull and Kansas, is found in the other long piece, "Boy With His Brain Out In Space", which generously closes the album with almost thirteen minutes of music rich in twists and turns. With Resistor nothing is quite classifiable, the influences that we perceive at times are always fleeting. Even the shortest compositions, such as "Random Values" or "I Of The Hurricane", are not monorhythmic. The musicians seem to be overflowing with imagination, taking the listener on wanderings that alternate without warning between the sweet and the spicy, between the sweet ballad and the surly hard one. This diversity is even present in the vocals, so on "I Of The Hurricane" we think we hear the voice of Peter Nicholls (IQ) at times.

If you like progressive rock in all its forms, folk, pop, neo, hard, etc...  "To The Stars" should please you! Resistor spreads a whole range of varied inspirations that serve exciting compositions. Steve Unruh and his three accomplices confirm their qualities as very high level instrumentalists without ever tiring the listener with useless demonstrations. A beautiful work!
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01. To the Stars - 11:46
02. Random Values - 02:58
03. I, of the Hurricane - 04:33
04. Train to Tucana - 07:08
05. Atlantis' Final Flight - 06:07
06. Little Lie - 05:20
07. AnnihilExcavation - 08:37
08. The Boy With His Brain Out In Space - 12:51

Barry Farrand: Chant / Batterie
Fran Turner: Guitares
Rob Winslow: Basse
Steve Unruh: Chant / Guitares / Flûte, Violon
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Ca c'est c'est du prog comme je l'aime, varié, passionnant et bien produit. Par contre pour trouver l'album, mieux vaux passer par le site du groupe.
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