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The promising Italian musician, Paolo Sanna, released an instrumental EP. Amongst his various activities: guitarist, sound designer, composer, we have met with him to know more about his projects.
GYVY - 28.02.2024 -
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The promising Italian musician, Paolo Sanna, released an instrumental EP. Amongst his various activities: guitarist, sound designer, composer, we have met with him to know more about his projects.

How do you compose? Alone or in a band during jam?

I compose alone: every instrument is scored and written by me; However, for the EP “Novem Reges” I wanted two studio musicians for the drums and bass part.

Your YouTube page features animations and sound design. Is that what you did before you became a guitarist?

Sound Design and music for images is something I actually DO. I’m not only a guitarist but also a music composer, very passionate regarding the soundtracks and music for images.

How did you come up with the idea of writing an instrumental guitar album at a time when this musical genre has fallen out of fashion in recent years?

I love instrumental albums and I always wanted to “say something” with my guitar; she is my voice and I truly believed that I can express all of myself in this instrumental way

Where do you see instrumental music today?

I think that today the instrumental music is very active with great quality; maybe is considered a niche genre but still very active.

Is it hard to get noticed in this sea of music? Access to music has grown considerably with the rise of YouTube, music platforms and Instagram in particular : what is your particularity that could make your music pointed out?

I think it is hard and easier than before, at the same time: easier because of the growth of all digital platforms and technology; hard because nowadays everyone with a laptop and a music interface can write music (I think it’s great because everyone can be noticed, but there is a lot of competition). I think that my music is very personal, of course with different influences but it’s not very easy to define.

What are your main influences? Which guitarists have had the biggest impact on you?

I grow up listening to Mr.BIG and Paul Gilbert; then a lots of other guitarists impacted me a lot: Petrucci, Govan, Satriani, Vai, Plini, Luca Mantovanelli, Stefano Rossi (2 of my guitar teachers)

What do you think of this new generation of guitarists such as Matteo Mancuso, Marcin Patrzalek etc?

I think the guitar music is in very good hands: there are a lots of great guitarist out there (Known and unknown). I also believe that, actually, Matteo Mancuso is the best right now.

The song ‘Surfing a Dream’ seems to be a tribute to Joe Satriani : aren’t afraid to see your record summarized as a new instrumental guitar record influenced by Satch?

For me is just an honor.

Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, John Petrucci, Don Mancuso for their origines, Chris Impellitteri, Simone Mularoni, Daniele Liverani, Simone Fiorletta, Tommy Ermolli, Marco Sfogli... for the most known and now Paolo Sanna, how do you explain that Italy provides some many guitar heroes?

Unbelievable guitar players written here, and be named along them is such an honor. I’m not a guitar hero and I have to work hard to be named just in the same sentence with all those great names. Italy provides a lots of guitar players, maybe because of the culture of the listening or a strong desire to learn and improve..

Do you plan to make a longer album and maybe a sung one?

I’m already working on a full instrumental length album!

How did you meet your musicians? Are you a band or are they studio musicians?

They are studio musicians, Nick Munerasti (Bass) is an outstanding bass player and session man; I know him because we work at the same music academy. Alexander Puntel (Drums) is also a great musician and I know him thanks to a common friend; after a jam together I knew he was the right guy for my album.

What equipment do you use?

Guitar model, amp, effects? -I use 2 manne guitars ( (model: ventura satin). As regard amp and effect I use the Neural Quad Cortex.

What are your expectations for this record?

I’m aiming for a label which can sign me and produce my future works

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PAOLO SANNA: Novem Reges (2023)

Paolo Sanna has released a fresh and enjoyable debut EP, albeit a little short.
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