For the release of "Wired Of Madness", Jordan Rudess' new album, the keyboard player talked with Music Waves about "Distance Over Time" by Dream Theater
CALGEPO - 11.03.2019 -
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The opportunity was too good, during an interview with Jordan Rudess about his solo project, not to mention in a few questions the new Dream Theater album, released the previous month. Excerpts from the full interview to come. 

Jordan, Dream Theater's new album has been out for a few days now. The band has often been accused of being technical monsters and leaving the emotional side on the road. It seems that with "Distance Over Time" you have become aware of this and propose a more "human" album?

Yes, it is true that we are sensitive to the opinions of social networks and the press in general. It is something that of course affects us and that we take into account while maintaining our integrity. After "The Astonishing", which was in the form of an assumed musical comedy and surprised many people, we wanted to return to a more powerful, heavy and concise music. Dream Theater's purpose is to offer as many different things as possible from album to album. Our intention was to give the fans an album that returned to the fundamentals of what the band is all about and it is perhaps because of the comparison with "The Astonishing" that you have this impression of having a more "human" album. 

Compared to "The Astonishing", have you changed the way you compose?

In fact the previous album was composed by me and John Petrucci with passages that were imposed on the other members. For "Distance Over Time" we were all involved in the composition and writing process. We spent many weeks by the lake, all at the same time. We shared many moments in addition to the music, we had barbecues, fishing, we had a lot of fun. This I think has allowed the members to get closer around Dream Theater and thus develop our inspiration. I think it was important to us. Everyone was able to express what they wanted, especially John Myung who has some interesting parts on this album.

You seem more discreet in this new album, how do you explain it? 

In fact, in the previous album, as a reminder composed in pairs, I had a much more important dimension to bring this musical and symphonic comedy side as I explained it. For "Distance Over Time" there was more involvement of the other members because of the starting point, i.e. going back to an album composed by several people. In fact, my role seems less obvious than before.  And so I find a more balanced place, which makes this new album appear as a group record more than a record of one or two members if we compare it to "The Astonishing". 

You release an album about technology, the story of a man who cuts himself off from the world for a virtual world, we're not far from the story of "The Astonishing" with the Nomacs taking over music, do you think technology has something dehumanizing about it?

Oh, I have a very good relationship with technology, it's something important to me and I think it's also important for any keyboard player. However, it must remain a tool among others and not something that does in the musician's place. He must keep the last word. I use my iPad a lot... which has an impressive number of sounds that only I can assemble. I think that technology is essential today and that we have to live with it, but only the musician must remain the master on board and retain all his freedom of expression. For us, especially as keyboard players and myself in Dream Theater in particular, I explore new sounds to bring something extra that helps the compositions. 

In Dream Theater you pushed the role of the keyboard player to its climax. You're not only there to support the melody, you're the melody just like the guitar more than in any other progressive metal band. The fact of having this freedom, this role was one of the conditions for you to join the group at the time and to stay today? 

You know I feel lucky to be part of Dream Theater and to be able to be around such musicians of John Petrucci's calibre, Mike Mangini, before Mike Portnoy, John Myung...  The group helped me to make myself known and so I was able to develop my own projects in parallel. I think that there is no role to have but just the will to be able to express myself within a collective and to have the possibility next to being free to be able to participate in other projects, it is precious for me to have had this opportunity and to be able to continue to operate in this way. 

And will we ever be able to see one of your songs on tour, maybe Dream Theater, one of your songs played?

This is not planned for the Dream Theater tour. There we will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the release of "Scene From A Memory: Metropolis Part.2" which we will play in its entirety and I am very excited about it, there will be new arrangements and new projections. We will of course play songs from the new album, it will be a great tour. For my solo project, why not one day, I would really like to be able to play my songs. I just finished a tour in South America, so to see for the rest of the tour, but for the moment, for the live shows, I'm focusing on the Dream Theater tour. 

Thank you Jordan

Thanks to you, I really appreciated it. 

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